About Kate

A little about me.

As a pharmaceutical heiress, Katherine Portanova was born into the life that so many people desire, but money couldn’t buy her the peace and self-love she needed to truly thrive. She resorted to using drugs and engaging in other self-destructive behavior to deal with the pain and trauma that resulted from her “5 Core Human Wounds” – Denial, Judgment, Separation, Abandonment, and Betrayal – wounds tied to childhood bullying and watching her parents go through a difficult divorce, among other experiences.

As a young adult, she wrangled with the intense shame and guilt of losing her multi-million dollar inheritance in the course of 5 years – money lost because of her inability to stand up to her boyfriend at the time. After years of self-hatred, addiction, and fear, having her houses repossessed, and losing nearly everything, from her marriage to her beloved wine shop business, Kate was finally free to claim the life of her destiny, but her journey was far from over. She fell in love with her best female friend; a passionate love affair that she credits with saving her life but that ultimately resulted in abandonment and despair. Despite this enormous setback, she persevered and continued on her path to healing.

Through persistence and a dedication to taking full responsibility for her actions and choices, she has experienced a spiritual awakening, inner peace, and finally, self-love. Now, she is passionate about sharing this very intimate and challenging experience with other travelers who are seeking a more meaningful existence.

Fun Facts

A few fun tidbits.

  • My two dogs Sophie and Diego are my “fur angels” and best friends!
  • I love P.F. Chang’s pork dumplings almost more than my dogs! 😉
  • Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon should be a breakfast item/food group in my opinion!
  • There’s nothing better than watching and listening to a thunderstorm roll in!
  • Music has literally- LITERALLY- saved my life… especially Mumford and Sons 2nd album “Babel.”
  • I really have raced a Butterfly… actually 3 to be exact since June 2012.
  • All 30+ of my tattoos have taken place since my bankruptcy was dismissed in December of 2012. (Yes, I am running out of room 🤣)
  • The Detroit Red Wings are THE BEST EVER! Go Wings!!
  • I love Tennessee- my new home! But… my Heart and Soul always belongs to ARIZONA!!!! #phoenix
  • It’s a miracle I am still alive after the amount of cocaine I did, and the losses I went through from 2009-2012.
  • All honor and glory to YHVH!