Own It

No more inflicting blame or shame or guilt on anyone else for your life. When you inflict blame on someone else, you create immense amounts of sorrow, pain,

Self Love

You can talk about self love and needing to loving yourself more but in the end absolutely nobody knows how to do it! NOBODY! Saying the words in

New Tattoo!

The “pinnacle” of all my 30+ tattoos! Located on my right shin. The Pyramid of Light with God’s All Seeing Eye.... Jimmy nailed it! Abracadabra Tattoo, NOLA

Studio Time

Recording Studio Time! Fun times in the recording studio today with my co-writer, Kay Williams Mott!!! #“Mama’s Comin’ Round”🎵🎶🎵🎶🎼 #KeystoneStudio

Rubber Ducky

Hmmmm.... a rubber ducky in a shower! Where’s he supposed to “swim” and “waddle”???? I’m calling animal services for inhumane treatment 🤣