Racing Butterflies

Burglary. Bankruptcy. Divorce. Drug addiction. Treatment. A lost multi-million dollar inheritance. A torrid love affair with another woman. Years of legal fights with multi-billion dollar banks.

Racing Butterflies is Kate Portanova’s memoir. The good, the bad, the ugly… The complete metamorphosis that resulted from all the loss and pain.

Like a caterpillar, she emerged forever changed… and in drastically different form, just like a beautiful butterfly.

Losing everything taught her WHO SHE REALLY WAS.


Mirror:   (mir-er) verb:   To give a faithful representation, image, or idea of.

Are you living your dream and your heart’s desire?

This book is a guide for all of humanity, to help them wake up, grow up, and realize that each life is its own unique, sovereign creation! If you are not happy, it’s because you are not living your soul’s destiny!

All relationships exist as a mirror to reflect our deepest inner demons so that we may overcome them to find our truest and highest self. Our only mission in this life is to polish our mirror, heal our wounds, and live a life of truth, authenticity, and unconditional love!

Never easy, but always honest, this book offers support and insight from a person who has made a commitment to living an authentic life at all costs.