No more inflicting blame or shame or guilt on anyone else for your life. When you inflict blame on someone else, you create immense amounts of sorrow, pain, and anger.

Blaming another is cruelty at its finest. It literally is a dagger in the heart of both you and the one(s) you blame. And it repels the other person away from you. How does it feel when someone blames you for something? Really think about it. IT FEELS LIKE SHIT! AND YOU DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM THAT PERSON BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO BE TREATED THAT WAY.

Again, you must be willing to take full responsibility for your life and stop blaming others. You are the cause of everything you experience. You are the creator of it! It is no one else’s fault!

So, feel and embody all your repressed, ignored, painful emotions you don’t wanna feel. Follow your dreams and relentlessly pursue your Soul’s purpose despite the setbacks and failures and criticisms. Make amends no matter what another has done to you… NO MATTER WHAT! No act of your brother is ever that bad you can’t forgive! Remember when someone acts in violence or hatred or fear, they are simply crying out to be loved and forgiven and seen. To deny them the gift salvation of love and forgiveness is to deny yourself the same gift!

No act is ever too egregious or hurtful to forgive!

To judge it otherwise is to deny love and refuse the miracle of God. For God is Unconditional Love