You can talk about self love and needing to loving yourself more but in the end absolutely nobody knows how to do it! NOBODY!

Saying the words in a positive affirmation does nothing!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

You can say the words “I love myself” but you will always always ALWAYS fall back into codependent, unloving situations and relationships…. because the hole is still there! The soul doesn’t understand the words! You are still out of alignment with your Soul because you do not know yourself! You are still fragmented and do not know all parts of yourself! The soul only understands the feeling of witnessing the behavior over and over and over again until true change takes place via INTEGRATION OF ALL PARTS OF YOU!

We all collapse ourselves into another person because we think it’s love. We sacrifice ourselves for the other because we do not love ourselves wholly and we find solace in the arms of another to cover up our gaping internal wound!

We all collapse ourselves into another because we do not truly love ourselves as we love God…. so we search and seek that love in an outside, external source!

And when we do that it never fills up! It’s putting a band aid over a bullet hole! And we wonder why our relationships always lose their luster and spark and we wind up in mediocre relationships completely unfulfilled and COMPLETELY unsatisfied.

To recognize that you search for love in another person because you do not love yourself is the Essence of our 5 Core Human Wounds (Abandonment, Betrayal, Denial, Judgement, and Separation)! That lack of self love is what keeps us clingy, needy, manipulative, forceful, and possessive of another! That lack of self love is what keeps us endlessly searching for happiness in “a something or a someone!”

Because if we were to lose the other we would have to feel how much we depended on the other for love!!!! AND WE WOULD HAVE TO FEEL THAT GAPING HOLE INSIDE US OF LACK OF SELF LOVE!

And that hole is literally so intense and gut wrenching and grief stricken that you might curl up and die right there!

It’s your own broken heart you are feeling! And we all have died from broken hearts!!! The pain of a broken heart is the most intense pain a human being can feel! And the funny thing is, no one actually “breaks
our heart”… they simply expose the broken heart within us that we have refused to feel and heal!

And our broken heart can only be truly and wholly healed by learning to love ourself as God loves us!

Only in another person’s heart can you truly see yourself… and thus the Mirror they represent!

I collapsed myself into everyone I’ve ever loved… because I did not truly and wholly love myself.

I needed others to save me and fulfill me… I wanted others to make my inner hole of lack of self love go away… I needed others to make me happy… and I needed others to make me feel worthy and special!

I used everyone and everything as a band aid thinking if only I had “that” I would be whole and complete and happy!

Now I see and understand… I have learned how to love myself as I love God as a result of my relationship with this woman I love!

I finally see the internal hole!

I finally feel the internal hole!

I finally can fill that internal hole with ME!!! Not you! Not anything else!!!

I fill it with me 😊
And the only way I was able to do that was to see all the parts of myself I had been sweeping under the rug, ignoring, denying, and repressing via the Five Core Human Wounds!

In seeing all of these fragmented pieces of myself I glued myself back to together!

I’m feeling all these forgotten pieces of myself I became whole!

By acknowledging all my wounds and pains I came to fully and completely KNOW MYSELF!

The only way you can ever love yourself is to KNOW YOURSELF! All parts and pieces… all demons and dragons… all sins and errors!