Kate Portanova has gone through some incredibly tough times and made it out the other side. She was able to persevere through an addiction because of her incredible self discipline and mental strength. She fuelled her body with endorphins from exercise instead of drugs. I admired her rigorous work ethic and her determination to beat the addiction. Kate is a very caring and compassionate person who connects with others very easily. She is full of positive energy and her life experiences enable her to provide guidance and clarity to situations that others might find difficult to comprehend. She has reached a higher level of self actualization than most other people ever will. She has gained knowledge that will benefit other people as she shares it with them to improve their sense of self. Her work now is all about empowering other people and helping them become their best selves. She is a truly remarkable being and I wish her continued success.

Samantha White, Canada

I first met Kate in 2006, at her beautiful loft penthouse in Scottsdale. She was a dynamic, confident entrepreneur building a successful wine and real estate business. She hosted great gatherings and was surrounded, it seemed, by other driven and successful young people. People whom I assumed gave her life meaning and purpose. Little could I have guessed then, that this well-educated, well-bred businesswoman was dealing with a bunch of serious personal demons that were undermining her very sense of self-worth, and her ability to function. While we essentially lost contact for a few years during Kate’s darkest period, which I was totally unaware of, she re-emerged one day on social media from her self-imposed exile in hell, and we began to grow our old friendship anew.
I was quite taken aback when I first saw her in person in Hawaii a few months ago, transformed from a elegantly-suited, hard-working business owner, to a much tattooed, effervescent, free spirit. Through our hours of intense conversation that evening, Kate told of her journey since last we saw each other. It was at times a harrowing story but also one of renewal, and of the joy of finding herself and her real worth, not the one she had inherited. A journey of discovery of who, besides her newly discovered self, were the most important to her in this ‘second shot’ at life. I was glad to know that her mother was at the very forefront.
As you will come to learn, Kate’s journey is ongoing, and there is no planned destination. The only plan is to make this the journey of a lifetime – one where she continues to really get to know herself, and one in which she will become the person she can finally admire and be proud to be.
Kate Portanova has always been a giver, and this website is just another of her generous gifts, but one that holds far greater value than anything the former heiress Kate could ever have given you…….or herself.

Paul Skellon

Kate, not unlike many individuals in the world today struggled with demons.  The difference with Kate is she recognized that her life could not continue this way.  Even with the love and support of her family it was not easy task.  On more than one occasion she failed but she picked herself up and tried again and again, that is what separates Kate from most, never giving up on herself and those who love her.

Well done Kate as I have said before, I will always be here if you need me.

Terry Young